Build A.I. Apps
In 3 Minutes


How to build an A.I. App in Minutes Screencast

AI apps you can build in minutes with Pancaik:

  • Explain it Like I'm 5
  • An app to fix grammar and improve the tone of any text
  • Make up trivia questions about a topic you choose for a party
  • If I like this song (movie, show, etc.), what other would I like?
  • Name my product: Help me come up with names for a product after getting a description of the product
  • Rate my Hacker News Post and Give me Improvement ideas
  • Build an AI app in minutes
  • Build an individualized apps for a friend, family member, or somebody in your team to solve a specific problem
  • Unlimited AI apps


  • Uses GPT-3 back end
  • Custom domain

Coming Soon

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Per app question and answer history
  • Copy to clipboard any answer
  • Works on mobile, desktop and everything in between
  • Component Builder: Build AI components that you can add to your website in one line of code.
  • REST API: Build AI API endpoints
  • Logging: Use actual requests made to your API to improve prompts.